Can my dog play!?
•Have your dog cleared by a vet before you start disc training.

•Young dogs under 18 months should not be leaping, please focus on other foundation disc skills. We start young puppies with foundational safe exercises, and only begin leaping after growth plates close.
•Herding breeds are typically seen most,
but we have seen doxies to danes play!

•Is it safe? Yes, learning proper disc placement and foundation skills will help keep your dog playing safely.

•Great Course for beginner teams

Disc is a fun team activity for any dog!

Your Club

Find a Local Club to
practise and train with.


Using the right Disc!   Please ONLY use Dog Friendly Discs. 
The type of hard plastic promo or human disc are NOT for dogs, they are hard and rigid and can break into really sharp edges causing injuries to your dog. Avoid them.
Discs made for dogs are made of a softer plastic and do not crack as easily.

Any rubber/fabric discs are great for beginner dogs learning to catch,
as they fold making catching easier. And great for tug play.

It is a good idea to have at least two of the same disc when starting out.
Canie Safe Discs
See the Guide:  Selecting a Disc
Disc Dog Organizations

Disc Doggin is a team sport. 
Your dog should only get to play with the disc with you.
Discs are to be put away when your training session is over.
Play Safe: Surfaces
Flat level grass is best. Check your play space for any divots or holes, rocks ect.  Dry grass, or wet grass, can be slippery and should be avoided.   Gravel, cement, loose bark, snow should also be avoided. You want a safe surface to run your dog on.
DiscDogs started in 1974 when Alex Stein and his dog Ashley ran onto the Dodger Stadium Field and wowed the audience with an amazing leaping Frisbee® catching dog, and the birth of a new canine sport. Disc Dogs would soon thrill and entice dog lovers throughout the world. We now have clubs and competitions world wide! And it’s just awesome to watch!

Disc Dogs as an organized sport with playdays, competitions and demos to help promote the human/canine bond and responsible pet ownership. We encourage anyone with an interest in the sport to come out and have a great time with their dog. All skill levels are welcome to participate, from beginner to advanced competitor. This sport is ideal for men, women, boys & girls alike! 

"DISC": we use that term because Frisbee® is copyrighted!

Over the years I have taught many of my own dogs and many client's dogs the great game of Disc Dog. 
I am always continuing my own learning and applying it to lessons.

•WA State Champ
•Multiple World Qualifier
•First Place (too many to list!)

I teach to share my love of the sport and the great joy it brings to teams.

Goal is to teach in a clear fun manner so that folks can learn how to play safely.

What You'll Get

  • How to get your dog to catch, bring it back and drop!   Addressing common issues.
  • Insider tips and tricks
  • Lessons broken down in to small segments for easy understanding
  • Videos and Photos with each lesson
  • Great for beginning teams
  • One on One Custom Learning and Feedback
  • Group Lesson in FB Group Setting
  • Video Feedback
  • Lesson Plans and Homework
  • A Happy Dog!
  • Fetch & Retrieve
  • Cued Drop
  • The Catch
  • The Toss
  • Freestyle Flatwork Skills
  • Multi Disc Play
Freestyle Course ( Coming soon)
  • Building a routine
  • Variety of releases
  • Flipping
  • Vaulting

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